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Esther Seo

Ministry Associate

For more than a decade, Ms. Seo, has traveled the world engaged in various activities in both corporate and non-profit organizations, including churches as an Artist, Graphic Designer, Art Director, Communication Coordinator and University Lecturer.

She has dedicated her life to using the gifts, resources, and skills that she has developed over the years, to help local and international leaders: from traveling to remote areas of the world to help feed the poor or being a philanthropist and financially supporting missionaries; to educating those who need to have skills to become economically and socially responsible, Ms. Seo's heart is to see the needs of men and women met by helping one person at a time, and in turn that their transformation will impact families, communities and the world.

Having lived outside of the United States for years, she knows what it is like to return and navigate through cultural and re-entry adjustments. She can help so that you discover what you should do, even before returning home.

If you would like to find out more about Ms. Seo current projects, and/or make a tax-deductible contribution. Contact her today via 3LS Global.

If you would like to hire Ms. Seo for a project in one of her areas of specialty, please use one of the links below:

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<>Online Store /

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