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Nokukhanya M. Makhanya

Ministry Associate

Nokukhanya Makhanya is a full-time educator who has worked in the Financial and Telecommunications industries. She holds a Business Administration degree and is currently pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Through her work experience ranging from customer service to being a Small to Medium Enterprise Accounts Manager, she has acquired various skills including analytical and communications skills, team building and training, and strategic planning. As someone who is currently living outside her home country, she has used her skills to help international students and new teachers get acclimated to the community and country. She is committed to helping those who are preparing to move or returning home from the mission field have a smooth transition.

She has served non-profit organizations helping people who are fleeing persecution by providing supplies and assisting with administrational duties. She believes in uplifting communities not only through financial support, food, and education but also by being a helping hand to those who are unable to do for themselves. As a dedicated educator who has worked in both early age and higher education, she understands the need for a biblical-based education system. She has also volunteered by tutoring elementary and high school students in rural areas and taking care of toddlers whose parents needed additional support.

As someone whose life was changed by a missionary’s obedience to God, she understands what it means to have someone love, correct, support, and guide you in the right direction. She is passionate about helping others come out of poverty, be set free from oppression and deception, and understand what it means to truly receive Jesus Christ as Saviour, Lord, and King.

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