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Traveling the World

To Reach The One

For Christ and...


Luke 10:25-37

How We



We always seek the Lord Jesus Christ perfect will for we work with.  We continuously ensure that if He has called us to a person, a group, a nation, we have peace knowing that everyone involved is pleasing Him and Him alone.  We are always praying for your potential clients and those we work with and for.  


We can help you pray accordingly for your mission as well…for the individuals you serve as well as for you and your family as you serve.


1 Thessalonians 5:17

How We



We know that as we are lead by the Holy Spirit, we have a part to play.  We do all that we have to in order to prepare to travel as well as ensure we understand both the physical and spiritual environments in which we will be engaging.  May it be our families, community, or jobs responsibilities, we make sure everything is taken care of before each assignment.


We can help you get all the questions you have answered to make sure you as prepared for your mission. 


Luke 14:28

How We



We are often invited by a local church, pastor, or organization.  We always make it a point to go into a nation understanding that God has His people serving their people and we are bringing only what the Lord has put in us for a community to thrive...  His Word, financial and/or educational support and most importantly love.

We can help you connect with organizations that share the same assignment / call in various countries.

Ephesians 4:11-12

How We Go


Walking, driving, boats, planes, trains, horses, Jeepneys, and tuk tuks, we have used various modes of transportation to get to where God has wanted us to go in order to help those in need as well as those hiding due to being persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.


We can help you map out the best route for you to travel.

Mark 16:15-16

How Lives Are Changed


Lives are changed when a person can look into the eyes of their wife, husband, child, friend, and the mirror knowing that they have hope and joy found in Jesus Christ.  We can sow money, knowledge, resources, and a host of other basic needs to those who are in need. But eternity is right next to each of us and we will all spend eternity some where. 


3LS Global hope is to ensure that everyone makes a choice for themselves as to where and with home.

John 17:3

Changing Nations

One Soul at a Time

Saving Women in

South Korea since 2009

We have served over a decade in South Korea helping women involved in various situations that required helping them not only get help, but restore their dignity as well. 

Helping Children in the Philippines since 2011

We have helped different ministries that are focused on providing education and a safe home for children throughout the country.

Housing the poor

in India since 2012

We have spent time in various parts of India, we have help support ministries that build homes, feed the poor, and take care of the poor located in large and small cities.

Praying For Nations in Uganda since 2014

We helped churches, businesses and government officials pray for the people of Uganda to be more unified given their multiple 

Rescuing Children

in Cambodia since 2018

We have spent time in India with organizations that build homes for widows and the poor.

children cambodia.jpg

3LS Global Inc is a Christian charitable, educational, and social development organization.


Since 2015, it has been focused on providing clothing, educational & vocational training, shelter, and economic development opportunities to people in need who are from different cultures, ethnic groups, and religious backgrounds located around the world.

We engage both religious and private organization that are interested in understanding how they can give, teach/train, and go into local and global communities in need to provide what is required for those communities to thrive.

We Can Train You and Your Team

Virtually or In Person


Virtual Team Meeting
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