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International Projects


Since 2010 3LS Associates have supported multiple missionaries, evangelists, and ministries in Cambodia.  From helping to feed the poor to rescuing orphans and women out of dire situations, 3LS will continue to support those who are feeding, housing, and educating Cambodians throughout the nation.

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Multiple 3LS Associates have spent time in China in order to share the gospel with those who have never heard about Jesus Christ.  They have also had the honor of teaching hundreds of Chinese students in various academic institutions.


We have both supported and traveled to help ministries in India that are serving the poor in various ways.  From building homes, to financially supporting the education of multiple children, 3LS is committed to helping spread the gospel throughout India for years to come.



Laos is a nation of beautiful people. 3LS Associates have ministered to groups hiding from the government and militia due to them being persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ.  Associates have preached the gospel, helped build facilities, and seen supernational healing miracles as God moved on the hearts, minds, and bodies of the Laotian people.


Nigeria is the most populous nation on the continent of Africa, and it has the largest Christian population of any country in Africa, with more than 80 million persons in Nigeria belonging to the church with various denominations. We have ministered the gospel as well as financially supported multiple people and organizations that is committed to preaching the gospel and empowering Nigerians via education and economic development programs.

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Having had multiple opportunities to serve the people of the Philippines, a nation that has 7,641 islands, making it one of the largest archipelagos, it is a nation that 3LS Global has been supporting since 2010.  From ministering to the poor and orphans, to speaking at businesses that are committed to having their business support ministering to the needs of the people, 3LS will continuing to support individuals, organizations and churches focused on advancing God’s kingdom in the Philippines as well as feeding, housing, and educating children.


There are thousands of churches in Russia given that a majority of believers are Orthodox Christian.  Most people don’t know that Russia adopted Christianity under Prince Vladimir of Kiev in 988.  However, in 2016, Russia passed an anti-terrorism law that bans proselytizing and missionary activities.  Since this time, Russian Christians face increased restrictions on public and private evangelism as a result of the Yarovaya law.  This has not stopped Christians in Russia from sharing the gospel and ministering to the poor, orphans, and widows.  3LS Global will continue to help those who are on the ground in Russia, from Moscow to Vladivostok as they share the love of Jesus Christ to those who need a savior.

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South Korea

South Korea will always have a special place in the hearts of 3LS Associates and its founder given that they have ministered in various ways since 2009, and 3LS Global was birthed in Daejeon, South Korea in 2014.  Multiple Associates have lived, worked, and served the nation of South Korea and North Koreans for over a decade. From starting a homeless ministry, Jehovah Jireh to rescuing women involved in prostitution and sex-trafficking, the organization will always support the missionaries, evangelist, and organizations who desire to see everyone in the nation of South Korea living the life that God has destined for the nation.  


3LS Associates have been supporting ministries focused on praying and ministering healing and deliverance for the nation of Uganda since 2014.  Having engaged in various ministry opportunities, and traveling throughout the capital, 3LS has financially supported ministries that have a hands-on pulse of the needs of the people of Uganda.



We have ministered the gospel to individuals in and outside of the four walls of church buildings in the Ukraine.  Having dealt with many domestic and international issues, Ukraine will be a nation that 3LS Global will continue to support with the gospel of the Kingdom of God.

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