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Praying Together

Leadership & Board Members

Beverlin Hammett, PhD

Founder, Executive Director

Dr. Beverlin Hammett began traveling to other nations in 1992.  She has lived, worked, served, and traveled throughout Africa, Asia, Europe, and multiple former USSR nations.


Dr. Hammett has experience with helping organizations (public/private) and churches develop plans to go into other nations to implement strategies for economic development, educational and social change. Her focus has always been on ensuring that people, businesses, and governments thrive for generations to come.


She has helped to build homes for those who needed shelter, provided food and clean water to the poor, and has given medical help and supplies to those who have limited access to medical care.  She has also been involved with multiple organizations that are focused on ending sex-trafficking...with a focus being on those who are doing the trafficking.

Given her decades of experience, she understands what it means for missionaries and ex-pats to return to a home that has changed.  From seeking a community to help them acclimate to finding a way to financially sustain themselves, Dr. Hammett and 3LS Global can help make sure you know that you are not alone. 

Phone: 678-436-3303


 Esther S. Seo

Board Member since 2014

For more than a decade, Ms. Seo, has traveled the world engaged in various activities in both corporate and non-profit organizations, including churches as a Graphics Designer, Art Director, Communication Coordinator and University Lecturer.  

She has dedicated her life to using the gifts, resources, and skills that she has developed over the years, to help individuals and businesses around the world.


She has joined local and international leaders who minister the gospel of the Kingdom of God.  From traveling to remote areas of the world to help feed the poor or being a philanthropist and financially supporting missionaries.  To helping those who were involved in sex-trafficking and educating those who need to have skills to become economically and socially responsible.

Having lived outside of the United States for years, she knows what it is like to return and establish herself as a sought-after Graphic Designer.  She can assist with helping you discover what you should do, even before returning home.

Phone: 678-436-3303

John D. Diamond, PhD

Board Member since 2022

Dr. John Diamond is the Founder and Director of Peacemakers Outreach, a non-profit, faith-based organization that is dedicated to pursuing reconciliation through video, social media, and biblical education.  He holds a Masters in Theology and a Doctorate in Christian Education.

Dr. Diamond has served as the Director of Discipleship at Bible Community Church in Columbus, Ohio and is presently serving as an outreach minister with the Corry Alliance Church in Corry, Pa.

In 2021 he started and host a popular live stream show called America Unhinged where he discusses everything associated with politics, culture, and spiritual issues that is impacting America and the rest of the world.

Dr. Diamond's heart is to see Christians fulfilling their call to advance God's kingdom in the earth realm by strategically engaging their communities.  He is a prolific orator when engaging discussions on all thing Biblical and most importantly, his heart is to see people Born Again and the Western church existing in the power and the authority of Jesus Christ as a unified body.

Phone: 678-436-3303

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