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Kingdom Intrapreneurship

Intrapreneurship – or Corporate Entrepreneurship is known to be a powerful element of any organization's innovation agenda. The aim of intrapreneurship is to provide an organization – particularly its community of more entrepreneurial individuals – with the ability needed to release their innovation drive in a manner that positively impacts the organization that they currently work in.

As a Kingdom Intrapreneur, you know that you were called to the company you are currently with. Given such, you do not believe you are to leave the company, but ensure that you do all that you are required to not only share the Gospel but also contribute to the overall success of the organization.

Using Entrepreneurial Skills

Most people who work in companies often times can see how to improve a process or product. Given that there are confidentiality agreements and/or non-compete clauses that employees sign, they cannot leave a company and take their idea(s) for a new product or process with them. However, they can strategically position themselves for promotions and bonuses by being prepared to share their ideas with those who manage their division or run the company.

Formal Intrapreneurship can be enabled through a variety of ways– ranging from engagement campaigns like innovation tournaments and business plan competitions, all the way up to formal corporate incubators and accelerators used to spin out new ventures. Whichever venue your company uses, you will find that the company is giving you, and other individuals and their teams the time, space, and resources to pursue an idea that you all are passionate about within the context of your own broader business strategy.

How Can 3LS Global Help

Kingdom Intrapreneurship

  • Identify opportunities within an existing business

  • Perform an opportunity assessment

  • Strategize and develop a business case for a new product or service line

  • Develop a strategy to share your ideas within the existing business

  • Determine your best approach to sharing your ideas

  • Determine who are the stakeholders who will be impacted by your new idea

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