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Marketplace Ministry Strategic Development

Marketplace ministry refers to Christian evangelism that is targeted towards the secular workplace, as opposed to homes, churches, or other specialized Christian related venues. It can also refer to particular parachurch organizations that focus on such ministry.

While the original use of the term is primarily evangelical in nature, transformationalism uses many of the same structures, often under the term marketplace redemption.

A simpler definition is to be a disciple and witness for Christ in and through your work or business. A similar approach is having the attitude of being a full time minister in the workplace.

Christian Evangelism

Christian evangelization is the bringing of the gospel of the Kingdom of God to individuals in homes, businesses, cities, and nations so that men, women, and children can hear the message of truth about sin, repentance, and the one who saves, Jesus Christ.

When evangelizing, the message is always the same, but the way (delivery and applicability) is different depending on who you are speaking with and where they are in life. Evangelizing to the poor is different from evangelizing to the rich. Speaking with someone who is homeless is different from evangelizing to someone in a mansion. Preaching the gospel to a university physics professor is different from preaching to a multi-billionaire who has everything the world has to offer. And lastly, preaching to a millennials is different from speaking with a 80 year old.

Why Marketplace Evangelism

One cannot leave their 'Christianity' at home Monday morning as the leave for work (or sit down for their business video conference calls. Unfortunately, some believe that their Christian faith should be separate from their secular engagement with the rest of the world, especially when it comes to business. (This leads to a different discussion concerning salvation). However, the idea that God doesn’t care about your business is completely wrong.

Scripture is clear that God cares about:

  • how you handle money (Psalm 37:21)

  • how you lead (James 3:1, Proverbs 27:23-24)

  • how you treat people (Matthew 7:12, Phil 2:3)

  • how you grow (1 Timothy 4:8)

  • how you spend your weekends (Proverbs 4:23)

  • multiplying what you have (Matthew 25:14-30)

What is Marketplace Ministry Strategic Development

In the business world, strategic development is the process of researching and identifying strategic options, selecting the most promising and deciding how resources will be allocated across an organization to achieve the company's objectives. Also, strategic development uses various techniques to assess data, process, and people, in order to develop plans to accomplish goals.

Marketplace Ministry Strategic Development is God’s strategic plan to reach your place of employment or your own company for Jesus. Having a strategic and targeted plan to share the gospel is needed so that you not only honor your employer's workplace and the time you are there, but you also use your time to obey Jesus concerning taking the gospel to the world.

How Can 3LS Global Help

Marketplace Ministry Strategic Development Components

  • Assess the best approach you can take in your company

  • Determine when and where you should share the gospel

  • Formulate a strategy that can be used to host different events

  • Create prayer objectives for individuals and the company

  • Determine if there are opportunities to help the company grow

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