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Physical, Emotional, Spiritual Preparedness

Updated: Jan 25, 2022

Physical Preparedness

Most people don't realize the physical toll that is put on ones body that is always on planes, trains and in automobiles. Especially in certain countries where the terrain is not as smooth as in other nations.

You must make sure that you are physically healthy and fit to do the activities that you are scheduled to engage in. If you are going to reach a people group in the mountains, please make sure that you are healthy and fit enough to walk up the mountains.

Along with making sure that you stretch regularly, make sure your body gets enough rest (sleep and rest) are two different things. Keeping a body that is rested and without aches will ensure that when you return home, you are not dealing with going to multiple massage therapist or chiropractors in order to get your body back in order.

Emotional Preparedness

Everyone tends to be excited when preparing to leave for a missions trip, but what you must prepare for is what might be an emotional response due to being away from home for a long period of time. In addition, you will have to deal with the emotions associated with helping people who might be in dire straits.

If you are helping those who are in abusive situations (sex trafficking, spousal abuse, etc), orphans, widows, and the poor, you must make sure that have been graced by God to help them physically (food, housing, clothing, medical) as well as spiritually, (praying, laying hands for healing). all require that you are emotionally stable and will not be emotional as you help those God has called you to help.

In addition to the above, you must be prepared to help those who are the victims and the victimizers.

Spiritual Preparedness

The first step in spiritual preparedness is that you know that God called you to the nation or the assignment in which you are preparing for. If God has called you (dream, vision, prophetic word, impression on your heart), then He has provided all that you need to do His will.

Second, you must make sure that you have others praying for you. (Those who are saved praying for you). Individuals who are not saved cannot pray for your God assignment because they are on the 'team' that is victimizing those you are going to help.

Third, and just, if not more important than the above, you must make sure that you are right with God and you are not opening yourself up to the demonic associated with the people or the places you will be engaging.


How Can 3LS Global Help

  • We will discuss the physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements for the assignment.

  • We will perform a strategic analysis (in the natural as well as in prayer) to determine what you need to be prepared for. (Ministering in Hollywood is not the same as ministering in the Middle East).

  • If you have physical issues that you need to deal with may it be getting into better shape or making sure that any long term illnesses do not hinder all that you need to do. (Please keep in mind that we not only believe God's Word concerning healing, we have all seen hundreds, people be healed).

  • We will also teach you and those who are praying for you, how to pray accordingly for the assignment in which you will be engaging.

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