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Preparing Family and Friends

It is important to know and understand what family and friends think and feel about what God is calling you to do. This will determine how much information you share with individuals.

For example, if God is calling you to an unstable region and you have friends who worry, you might need to consider giving them information on all that you will be doing. Why? You don't want to have to comfort those who are worried while at the same time seeking them to pray for you while you are in the unstable country. In addition, we can also discuss the spiritual implication of having people filled with fear discussing you assignment.

Information To Share

All the information that you share should be information that is specific for your situation. However, there is information that everyone should share with their family and/or friends.

  • Copy of you passport

  • Copy of your airline tickets

  • Copy of your hotel reservations

  • The addresses of your countries embassy in the country (ies) you will be traveling to.

  • List of all friends contact information and the contact information of family members of those who are on the missions trip.

  • A schedule of all the locations you will be traveling to. If you are going to be in two or more cities in one country, your accommodations as well as mode of transportation should be shared.

How Can 3LS Global Help

  • We will join you in prayer concerning how to engage your family and friends.

  • We will help you ensure you have all the information required in order to provide your family and friends with all that they need to feel at peace while you are away.

  • We offer training and insight for family and friends to deal with potential crisis.

  • We have contacts in most countries where we can ensure that you have a point of contact while on the ground in specific nations.

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